The End

As mentioned in the introduction, our blog’s life span is limited. In fact, it has already come to an end. The EiT course is finished, and therefore also our blog. Through working with the blog we have learned a lot about regulation of stem cell research in different parts of the world. To conclude we have therefore chosen some of our observations, which sum up the situation well.

The articles about current research in the different countries show that research on stem cells and associated technologies can help to treat challenging diseases of the future. Laws and legislations need however to be clarified to avoid misinterpretations and conflicts. Conflicts with the general public and lawmakers are typical problems of today. Vague laws can also prevent results in research, since this will make it more difficult for countries to cooperate. A way of controlling research is by using strict penalties in case of violations or unethical applications of the technology.

The intrinsic value of the fetus has been the major obstacle in religions of the western world, when it comes to embryonic stem cell research. One religious country that has shown great strides is Iran. Iran got a well defined stem cell law, which has made it possible for the technology to thrive. This shows that religion may aid stem cell research, as well as being a major obstacle.

Another important factor is that the public understands what stem cell research is and both its advantages and disadvantages. Decisions made on stem cell research should mirror this majority, and not only influential people in leadership position.

At the end of our project it is evident that money is an important factor for results. Funds should be made available where possible, and not only advance research but encourage it as well. This will lead to a healthy and broad development of this interesting field.

About Tom Erik

Student of Bionanotechnology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Loves reading, cooking and music.
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