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The End

As mentioned in the introduction, our blog’s life span is limited. In fact, it has already come to an end. The EiT course is finished, and therefore also our blog. Through working with the blog we have learned a lot … Continue reading

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Ethical issues in South Africa

By virtue of South Africa having a Christian majority, several issues have been raised in the courts against embryonic stem cell research. According to South African common law however, a legal personality is one who has been born and is completely … Continue reading

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President George W. Bush’s speech on stem cell research

On August 9 2001 President George W. Bush adressed the nation in a broadcast speech. As mentioned in a previous post, funds were permitted for cell lines that were existing at this date.  

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President Barack Obama’s speech on stem cell research

As mentioned in a previous post, President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order. The purpose of the order was to remove limitations related to use of cell lines, and to expand NIH support for the exploration of human stem cell … Continue reading

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Stem cell research in the United States of America: political history

Stem cell research, or rather research on embryos, has always been linked to the anti-abortion debate in the United States. In 1973 the Supreme Court legalized abortion, by saying that the abortion was private, and a decision made by the … Continue reading

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